Judy Enright


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     All of my paintings tell a story using time-worn symbols. Everyone looking at my art will not develop the same story. Each story will be individual. Symbols, to be meaningful, take years to be established. One cannot just “pluck” a symbol and declare a new meaning. Years are needed to have relevancy. 

This concept does not sit well with our current society which stresses the mathematical, the mechanical, the proven and the need for instant gratification, but, employing  a “scientific” way of thinking, limits our understanding of symbols.

A symbol should be the way to an intellectual/spiritual treasure which can bring revitalization. This is the goal of my art.

My paintings have symbols that are time-worn and have the power to take on a life of their own

From early childhood art has been my passion.  After a few detours, I was finally led to the University of 
Michigan where I graduated, earning a BFA With Honors in painting.

 These works can be found in the collections of                                                                           health, technology, and financial institutions.

© Judy Enright 2012